One of the most unfortunate things that can happen in my life happened this morning.  I went to get the mail, only to find the most dreaded thing lurking inside.  Honestly I think I would rather be mailed a dead mouse than a wedding invitation.

I hate weddings.  Always have.  I think I dislike them most because no one really wants to be there, but everyone feels obligated to pretend.  I have been very upfront about the fact that I do not wish to be invited, and have tried to bribe people with the ” you will get a better gift from me if you don’t invite me”.  Let me tell you the cost for having me there, digging nylons out of my crotch is subtracted from the amount I would spend on the gift.


I try my hardest to not pay any attention to Canadian politics, but find myself strangely satisfied with last nights election results.  I am absolutely indifferent to Stephen Harper, I don’t love him, and I don’t hate him.  I hate  his “conservative” stand points on abortions, and legalizing marijuana, but appreciate his foreign policies, and economic growth initiatives.   I was raised conservative, my parents religiously vote conservative, and had I asked for their advice they would have undoubtedly steered my vote in that direction.

For some reason I really like Jack Layton.  I didn’t vote NDP, but I am happy that his party made such great strides with him at the helm.  I don’t know if it is because he is so charismatic, because he has that “awesome grandfather” appearance, or because I always root or the under dog, regardless I am happy.

I am sad for Gilles Duceppe and probably would have voted for him if he was the leader of any other party.  I couldn’t care less about Quebec’s sovereignty and I wish that he would get over it, jump ship and hop aboard a winning train.

I am elated that Michael Ignatieff got curb stomped, and as a result tendered his resignation.  Isn’t he the reason we had this election in the first place?  Doesn’t he just look like a cold, calculating skeeze bag you couldn’t trust further than you could throw?

I am ecstatic for Elizabeth May.  One seat is better than none, and I know I did my part to send a message that Canadians are ready for something different.  In my riding, Green did better than Liberal, which I never would have predicted, and eventually  all the conservative voting “dinosaurs” will die, and inevitably things will change.

Osama bin Laden’s Dead??

Ok, so the world is ecstatic that it’s most infamous terrorist Osama bin Laden has been killed. Americans have taken to the streets to celebrate, singing, dancing, and blasting amazing grace.
“It’s a great day in American history” one party goer told CNN, while standing in front of an enormous crowd waving flags and singing America The Beautiful.
Now I’m from Canada, and also happy that the asshole is dead, but cannot help but think how gross it is that people take to the streets to celebrate, and I have some good reasons:

  1.   Hasn’t the US government told us once before that they had killed Osama bin Laden? Did any of you actually see evidence of his death?
    Am I supposed to believe that a President is incapable of lying? If history indeed repeats itself, isn’t that a sure sign that this is a hoax, or perhaps an attempt to steer Donald Trump from a forged long form birth certificate, to a false death reports investigation?
    Whatever you believe you must admit the timing is interesting, especially with the 10 year anniversary looming. ( don’t get me wrong, I like Obama and would likely vote for him if I were eligible, but I do not believe in coincidences.)
  2.  Don’t you people think that pictures and videos of American masses celebrating the leader of Al Qaeda death might encourage his martyrdom and invite more terrorist attacks against the United States and the rest of the Christian world? Has the American public forgotten what happened only a few weeks ago when one American ass burnt a Koran nevermind thousands of Americans celebrating in the streets.

It really is idiotic when one thinks about it.


Facebook Privacy = A Big Joke

I opened my email only to discover yet another  “Privacy Setting Update” from Facebook, which causes me to ask myself the same question.  If people are so uber-concerned about their privacy, what the hell are they doing on Facebook in the first place?  Have we forgotten that when we signed up for Facebook, stuck a million pictures on our profile, update our statuses as well as our location check-ins, that we were in fact putting our lives on the internet for anyone and everyone to ogle? Don’t get me wrong, I love “Facebook Creeping” and do it often.  I however, have enough intellect to know that whatever I put on Facebook is “fair game” to anyone on the world-wide web.

If you read yesterday’s post, then you know that my cousin recently posted a rant on Facebook about his alternative lifestyle, and all his justifications for it.  I of course commented on his insanity, caused a huge ruckus between myself, my cousin, and his psychotic girlfriend, and as a result discovered this morning that I can no longer see any of his posts, rants, or self-righteous rubbish.  Or can I?  Out of sheer curiosity I googled the rant and “presto” I’m back in, and I did what any normal human being would do, and copied and pasted the rant, and emailed it to the entire family.  So I have to ask…

  1. Is anything we put on the internet ever really private?
  2. If my cousin was so worried about what I thought, or felt so violated by me that he felt the need to “limit” my access what on Earth would possess him to put such a controversial rant on his profile in the first place?
  3. If he was unable to handle my perfectly innocuous comment, what will he think of the comments from the entire family?
  4. Is nothing sacred anymore? and shouldn’t one’s sex-life be?
  5. What good does it do to limit one’s profile as long as “google” still exists?
  6. Who do I like well enough, that needs to know my every thought and every move?

Unfortunately, the internet is not a private playground,  we must always be aware that someone could very easily be watching, and that very likely someone is.

POLYAMORY: “it’s what all the cool kids are doing”

So my little cousin, announced to the world that he and his new girlfriend are living a”open” or “poly-amorous” lifestyle.  Facebook was his forum, he wrote a 4 page rant, on how he had come to this decision, and all the reasons why this particular decision is the right one for him.  If it were anyone else I’d say “great”, or perhaps “fly at it'”, but I cannot help but wonder if he is well enough equipped, or has enough dating experience to make this decision.  Before one makes a conscious decision to live an alternative lifestyle, shouldn’t they first at least test out a normal one?

I should just point out now that I am specifically not speaking about homosexual relationships when I say “alternative”.  Homosexuality in my opinion, is not a “choice”, and it’s fine by me.  (I really don’t want to anger anyone so if you find yourself offended it is 100% unintended).

My cousin, 24, intellectually a genius, socially odd, until recently had never had a date, girlfriend, or sexual encounter of any kind (he wrote as much in the rant, I am just paraphrasing).  Sometime shortly before Christmas he brings home a girl  for the first time ever.  Initially, I was excited or him but now…  I’ll just give you a run down of her resume, and you be the judge.

  • 27 years old
  • self-professed genius (says so on her FB profile), however I should note that she states she had no intention of using her superior intellect for conventional means.
  • sports a pink,green,or orange buzz cut and often ill-fitted, racy clothing
  • flaky neo-pagan who digs Jesus and Buddha (also on FB profile)
  • Has little or no relationship with her own family (FB again)
  • Works at Wal-Mart
  • wears a dog collar
  • Has a son, 12 I think, whom she does not have custody of, and I cannot imagine why but I’m certain it means she is a shitty mother and a poor influence.
  • waves her freak flag proudly
  • incessantly rants via FB, about “Slutdom”, clit rings, and about being controversial (I feel it necessary to point out once again, that she is a mother of a 12-year-old who likely has a FB account, or soon will)

I’m certain that all you mother’s to 20-somethings are now thrilled that this girl has latched on to him and not your sons, just as I am certain all you people who work at Wal-mart, or wear dog collars are preparing to fire a nasty comment or two my way, and again that’s fine but you are missing the point…

Point is, a 24-year-old awkward virgin, meets a 27-year-old self-proclaimed slut, and all of a sudden monogamy is “a ridiculous expectation of mainstream society”?  He has never had a monogamous relationship… how the hell can he possibly know?  Isn’t he being as immature as a 4-year-old who says “I don’t like broccoli”, having never tried it?


Ok, so this is not at all funny and I need help. I started blogging three weeks ago and I think it is going quite well until… Yesterday, I was unable to log into my dashboard, so I asked for a new password, they said it would be emailed, no email. I did this at least a dozen times. So now I am stuck contributing to my blog strictly from my iPhone, because it is not asking me for a password, but clearly this is anything but ideal. I also googled a couple of my posts and found them on another blog site, run by a human going by the name “Tiger Raper”. Possibly more disturbing yet is that some of my posts have disappeared entirely, along with their comments. Am I doing something wrong? Has my blog been “Raped” by someone who fornicates with felines? If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I would love to hear them…

Thanks in advance


Open letter to SLOBS

I cannot help but notice that while half of the population is fighting to look like Cindy Crawford, you do not even care enough to get dressed in the morning. You know who you are, and if you have ever found yourself out and about, carrying on with your daily affairs in your pajama pants I am talking to you.   At what point did your life become so jam packed, that you can’t find five minutes to grab a quick shower, an pull on some jeans before heading out to get your shopping done?  I can’t imagine that you would have a shower and then deliberately put your pajama pants back on, so what are you doing that is robbing you of precious time needed to ready yourself for the day?

Wearing your pajama pants in public is not cute, and is certainly not sexy. There is nothing sexy about a human being who has given up and doesn’t care. You look like a PIG, period.  There are no exceptions, I don’t care if you are Cindy Crawford, if you are in public in your pajamas in my mind, and in the minds of most, you are a dirty, lazy pig.  I’m certain you are a great person with a killer personality, but honestly I am never going to take the time to find out because you look like a complete slob.  First impressions are everything, and what message is it that you want to send?  This is a new disturbing new trend  that you have found yourself caught up in, it has gone on long enough, and it is high time you take a little pride in your appearance.

Woman sues

So I was reading through my favorite blogger’s posts this morning and stumbled upon one that was very interesting.  I have never linked anything, and have no idea how, but I will put the URL at the bottom if you are interested.  Apparently some woman in California, is suing the popular dating website, because she was allegedly raped by a man she went out on a date with.

I think we can all agree that if this woman was “raped” by this proven pervert that she is a victim who has been violated in the worst of ways, but is really liable?  If I meet a man at Safeway, we go on 2 dates, on the second I invite him into my home and he rapes me, is Safeway responsible?  Should they screen their customers better just like this woman is suggesting should?  How responsible should this woman be for her own actions?  We all know the internet is teeming with perverts and predators so what was this woman doing inviting a perfect stranger into her home for in the first place?

I have never internet dated, but have known my fair share of people who have.  Personally, I think that the risks associated with online dating far out weigh the rewards, as I am certain this woman is now all too aware. If you are going to engage in high risk activities, aren’t you essentially saying you are willing to take the risks?

As promised, the URL for another interesting post..